Based in Norwich, Norfolk we are online accounting experts and qualified accountants. Specialising in help and advice for smaller UK limited companies we use Xero and QuickBooks Online to help you get the best from us.

Being early users of ‘cloud accounting’ software, we are accredited and certified users of XERO, QuickBooks OnlineFreeAgent and Receipt Bank. Award winning in the use of online accounting software with our expertise we consider ourselves the accountants to use for small limited companies using XERO and QuickBooks Online.

Training is included as part of the service packages.  We keep very close to our clients from day one and our clients have found that the tech systems, aided by our expert advice, enables them to get so much more from their accountancy services. You will get a true understanding of where the business is today and where you and the business are heading in the future.

Find out more about the people at Together Accounting below or contact us to find out how we can help you.

Anna Tokasaka

Anna Tokasaka

Office and Client Manager

When did you join the business?
July 2015

Whats your day to day job role?
Every day is different for me. One day I might have an introductory meeting with a new client on our accounting software, the next day i would be preparing returns, another day I might be having training in house. It is very diverse, and that’s why I've got the best job on the planet.

What skills make you good at your role?
I love the challenge and problem solving is something that I am good at. By applying logic and imagination I am able to evaluate the situation and find a solution that works.

What do you find most rewarding about your job at Together Accounting?
I enjoy the interaction with business’s, but mostly I love the sense of family in our office. The work is hard, but even the most challenging day is easy to overcome.

What do you do when your not at Together?
Spending time with my family, as a mother of two young children I am making the best I can to enjoy the moment. I love to skill and hitting the waves. I am qualifying for a powerboat certificate.

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Olivia Zarkos-Smith

Accounts Assistant

When did you start at Together Accounting?
I started working here in November 2017.

What is your day to day role?
Bookkeeping, general admin and looking after our clients.

What skills make you good at your role?
After getting my finance degree this year I am able to implement all I have learnt into my work and the business. I am organised, have a fascination for numbers and have a can do attitude towards any challenge that comes my way.

What do you enjoy about working with clients accounts?
I enjoy how they all differ, it makes it exciting as you feel like you never stop gaining knowledge within the same job role. Knowing that you are helping numerous businesses, even if it being ever so slightly, makes the job exciting.

What have you found challenging so far?
Getting my head round all the different software and how they all work as one, however with everyone's expertise in the office help was never far away.

What do you do when you are not at Together?
I spend most of my free time with my family and especially my cat! I play field hockey every now and again and if I am not feeling so energetic I'm happy with a bag of popcorn and a good film!

Paul Harmer

Paul Harmer

Accounts Manager

When did you join the business?
I joined the Business in February 2013.

Whats your day to day job role?
Preparation of Accounts, Preparation of Tax Returns, Payroll, Customer Liaison, Customer Support Services, Training Other Staff Members, Liaising with HMRC, Dealing with client queries

What skills make you good at your role?
Nearly thirty years’ experience of working in various accountancy roles throughout various industries and a keen interest in people, life and society.

What do you find most rewarding about your job at Together Accounting?
Helping clients and colleagues develop and grow and seeing how my role enables clients and colleagues to meet their full potential within their lives and society.

What do you do when your not at Together Accounting?
I enjoy a number of relaxing activities from visiting art galleries, local theater, cinema, modern literature, exploring the world and I have a keen interest in politics and community.