Emma Rogers – Clay Interiors Limited

Emma Rogers – Clay Interiors Limited - Q & A

  • How long have you been with together accounting?

  • I started with you in June 2015. Setting up a limited company from day one and you sorted and took care of all the taxes and advised me what I need to do to get trading underway.
  • Tell us about your business.

  • We import, supply, design and install tiles and natural stone and pride ourselves on quality and service.
  • Whats been the best thing about engaging Together Accounting as your accountants?

  • Initially it was the setting up when starting the business. We quickly outgrew the original plan for the business and when it came to the scary nitty gritty of growing the business, expanding and making decisions it has been Rob’s advice which without I don’t think I would have had the courage to make the big changes happen. He has looked at all the risks and together we have mitigated them as much as possible…and we continue to grow and go through this process so we must be doing something right!
  • Why would you recommend Together Accounting?

  • They have been simply excellent at supporting me the whole way through this journey changing their approach as my business has demanded it and grown. I am not by nature a confident person but working with Rob and the team has made me realise I can reach my full potential as a businesswomen and has made me realise I can run and grow a great business with the right people around me.
  • What Package do you have with Together Accounting?

  • I have the Essential Package and pay a bit extra for a couple of additional services such as the added advice and payroll services. Suits me perfectly as I do most of the books using Receipt Bank and QuickBooks Online with the team at Together Accounting helping in the background.
  • Describe Together Accounting in three words.

  • Excellent Advice (that’s two sorry!), supportive and responsive.

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I can honestly say without their help we would not have made the progress we have. 

As soon as I met Rob and the team for the first time I knew they were the right people for the job. The people at Together go far beyond just number crunching and provides actionable advice and support for my business.

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Its really down to the care and attention Together Accounting provide. They are there when I need them, the advice is always what I need to hear not what I want to hear and they enable me to make informed decisions on the direction of my businesses.

The great thing about you all at Together Accounting is the one to one attention I receive when I need advice or clarification and that’s throughout the team.

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I can honestly say that I do not know how I would have got through the first year of trading through the business without Together Accounting’s help.

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