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These are accountants that care not only about the financial side of the business but the business as a whole too. I have often contacted Robert and the Together Accounting team about concerns from financial matters to staff issues and he is always happy to advise. The software used has also saved my Company lots of time so we can concentrate on what we do best!

Not just a boring accounting service but a complete business/personal financial experience.

I came on board with Rob and his team around 4 years ago when my business was FAILING! I was up to my eyes in personal debt with a credit score through the floor. I should have really closed the door on my business.
If you are reading this review as a passionate business owner you will know after 11 years of putting your heart & soul into your business this just wasn’t an option.

I found Rob via a recommendation and I will go as far to say this has been one of the BEST business recommendations I have had.
With his financial guidance we stripped my business back to basics and within 3 years turned it around to making a £23,000 PROFIT!
Year 4 we are on track to double that and make a £50,000 PROFIT.

I haven’t just had business advise, I have also received personal advice on how to get my personal finances back in shape after being drained by a previous relationship and divorce.  Following the advice given I am now taking a very healthy wage, debts are under control, and my credit score is now healthy enough to obtain a mortgage.

Together Accounting as a whole team are brilliant. Every team member is welcoming, friendly and so knowledgable. They relay information in English rather than accounting jargon and make sure everything is spot on.

I now have the team look after all the financial side of my business, accounting, payroll, vat, taxes etc and by doing this it leaves me time to do what I am good at, running my business.
We have monthly meetings to discuss how we are going to push the business forward, set targets and achieves my goals and aspirations.

Thank you Together Accounting for all your support and advising me on how to turn my business around. Here’s to a bright, successful future working together 🥂

We started using together accounting when we took over The Last Winebar in March and we have been extremely happy with their support, service, advice and most importantly the speed and quality of financial data produced to help us proactively manage our business.

Specifically, Olivia provides us with as good a service and support as if she was one of our own employees. Long may it continue.

I can honestly say-that I do not know how I would have got through the first year of trading through the business without Together Accounting’s help.

They have made everything so straightforward, always free and willing to-help with my business and put things in place to make sure I make my next step forward. They have enabled me to automate the finances and allowed me time to focus on what I set the business up to do and become.

Can’t thank Rob and his team more for sorting out our finances and putting in the necessary systems from day one. His team have been particularly good at preparing us for seamless growth and business development allowing us to focus on making money rather than worrying about the day to day of doing the numbers.

Its really down to the care and attention Together Accounting provide. They are there when I need them, the advice is always what I need to hear not what I want to hear and they enable me to make informed decisions on the direction of my businesses.

Choosing the right accountant for my business was incredibly important and wasn’t easy. As soon as I met Rob and the team for the first time I knew they were the right people for the job. The people at Together go far beyond just number crunching and provide actionable advice and support for my business. I find them very easy to talk to and any questions I have are answered clearly and patiently.

Together Accounting have taken the time to sit down with me and understand my business and its goals. Because of this they have become a sounding board for changes I make and indispensable part to the development and growth of my business.

The great thing about the team at Together Accounting is the one to one attention I get from you when I need advice or clarification and that really is throughout the team. It feels to me it’s a fundamental principle of your business and gives peace of mind that that side of my business is taken care of.

Together Accounting have been so important during the process of building my business. They have been a sounding board for investment, development, and its continued growth. They work as the finance team for my business, putting in place processes and systems to help me run, understand and gain insight into my business and its finances, enabling us to make financial decisions and plan for the future.