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To our valued clients,

We understand that this is an extremely uncertain and challenging time for you, your business and family. The team here are the same, we simply want to get through the next few months with some normality and help our extremely valuable businesses and clients get back to where things once were (if and where possible!). As a team, like you, we had plans and ambitions and they have had to be put on ice for now. Our effort and energy now is towards getting the job done that’s in front of us, dealing with a massive change in the way we and our clients work and learning and adapting to daily announcements that help support the millions of small UK businesses.

Therefore the big emphasis for us as a team is helping our clients gain governmental support, grants and incentives. These are being announced and modified daily and we have made it our mission to be well informed and help as many of our clients interpret and access this support as possible. During this period of crisis, we will provide our services free of charge for any work relating to COVID-19 governmental support simply so that we can help our clients get through this crisis together.

The government announcements in recent days have, as expected, resulted in a large increase in calls, work and queries to the team. Thank you for your patience when awaiting a reply or outcome and where we have not been able to deal with your query immediately. While further announcements are expected we are certain this will continue going forward and again if we are unable to deal with your query immediately please leave a message or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We will continue to send emails with relevant government announcements. Please do get in contact if you have any questions. Again if we don’t have the answer at hand or we are unable to speak with you immediately we will get back to you a soon a practicably possible.


Kind regards,
Robert Marjoram

Please see our updated article with the latest news up to April 1st 2020

Robert Marjoram

I deal with clients, new business and the development and strategy of the business. I recruit the staff and I suppose you could say set the agenda and vision.

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